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Post 2."A Fish can't judge the Water"

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

This Post consisted of some ideas reflecting the article "A Fish can't judge the Water" by Femke Snelting.

Does music softwares influence the compositional process.

Composers of instrumental music are relying on other people for the execution of their ideas. From neo-classical music to atonal music, someone has to perform the music sheet in order sound to be produced. However, nowadays composers have the facility to use software, like Sibelius, which is per se the Word for writing music which allows them to playback what they wrote and change whatever they don’t like. Still in order this music to be alive needs to be performed by musicians.

On the other hand, more contemporary music, we call it sonic art or electroacoustic music, has a strong relationship with the computer and technology. From a sample recording to a synthesizer design, technology participates on and influence the process of the composition.

For example, if we compose a soundscape made by sound recordings of real environment our tools (microphones) influence the outcome of the composition. The quality of the tool change the outcome of the recording and so the soundscape/final project itself.

Going into more complex computational structures. Composers now use programming languages to make their sounds, effects, and anything else they can imagine. The way these tools are built can be unique for its composer and make the difference on his work.

The composer creates his tools and the way these tools are designed to influence the outcome of his work. The use of computational techniques makes the final product to be a result of an interaction between human and machine. This interaction makes the artwork to be unseparated from the use of a computer.

The composer is the one that controls the tools but the use of these tools is what define his art. 

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