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Post 14: Emotions trapped or unleashed in the scientific world?

On my romantic music composition world I wanted to make emotions in to sound and to give the chance to people to interact with this sounds and listen to their emotions. I thought if music creates emotions lets do the opposite create music out of emotions. How this could be easy though when there is science to tell you that emotions are now data that we can measure and therefor there is this scientific way you can represent sonically the emotions. My next thought was that many people when they fell sad, happy, excited, terrified, and they are trying to figure our what is going on in their head, they visit a therapist for some help and they eventually manage to understand their emotions through conversation. How then, we managed to be so absolute about how emotions should be measured only by scientific ways and not by self-report.

Physiological measurements and Brain activity measurements can give data that nowadays can tell you what do you feel even if you have not even realized that you feel that way. After some reading I realized that a lot of people can not expressed them selves and therefor self report their feelings. This is probably why mental health issues are quite high, especially in big cities, because people can’t recognise or talk about their feelings and do not visit a therapist. Here is where computational art can help. By visualizing or sonifing people’s personal emotions you can give them a feedback on something they are probably unaware, or feelings that they are trying to hide. Maybe this artistic way can bring them closer to understanding a problem and sick for help and solution.

These two paragraphs express some first thoughts over my project “an interactive sonification of emotions”.

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